Step by Step Guide to Cloth Diaper's for Beginners

Are you considering using cloth diapers for your baby? If so, you’re making a great decision for both your child and the environment. Cloth diapers are not only cheaper in the long run, but they also create less waste than disposable diapers.

HOW MANY CLOTH DIAPERS DO I NEED? As new parents or being new to cloth diapers this may be the first question you have. 8 -10 cloth diapers each day is a good rule of thumb.

WHEN TO START CLOTH DIAPERING? Wait to cloth diaper your baby until he or she is at least 3 months old. As a cloth diaper beginner you will need time and patience to learn this new skill.

 WHAT IS THE BEST METHOD FOR WASHING CLOTH DIAPERS? After all this talk about laundry it seems only natural to talk about the next most commonly asked question for cloth diaper beginners. How to wash cloth diapers?

Here is my cloth diaper washing routine. 1. After placing all cloth diapers into washing machine set washing machine on warm temperature and quick wash. 2. Use Tide powder detergent or Borax for load size. 3. Once finished place into dryer at low heat for 1 hour/60 minutes.

HOW MUCH DO CLOTH DIAPERS COST? As a cloth diaper beginner you have MANY options!

Regardless of the type of cloth diaper you decide to go with the average cost per diaper is between $15 – $25.

Are you thinking about making the switch to cloth diapers?