Ideas to Make Bible Study More Fun for Teens, Young Adults and Beginners

1. Get a study Bible that includes commentary, articles, and questions for reflection. This will help you understand and apply God’s Word to your life.

2. Find a study Bible that has a lot of illustrations and colors. This will help you keep your attention focused on the Bible study.

3. Find a study Bible that is geared specifically towards teenagers. This will ensure that the topics are relatable and interesting to you.

4. Try a different translation of the Bible. This can help you understand the text in a new way.

5. Read the Bible with a friend or family member. This can help create meaningful discussions about the text.

7. Keep a journal of your thoughts as you read the Bible. This can help you reflect on what you are learning.

8. Pray before, during, and after your Bible study. This will help you connect with God as the Holy Spirit grow’s you in your faith.