Hello! I’m Danielle AKA Mama Mia

Hello! I’m Danielle AKA Mama Mia

My name is Danielle and I am married to a wonderful man that helps me raise our three adorable kiddos. My children are ages 13, 11 and 9 months old, I know BIG age gap here! Don’t worry it was all planned lol! I am most commonly referred to as Mama Mia in my home where I spend most of my time. My kids started calling me by this nickname because I LOVE musicals and Mama Mia is one of my all time favorites.

Fun Facts About Me

<<< My husband and I met on a dating app >>>

>>> I chose the name for my son when I was just 11 years old after watching Mission Impossible #1. I just thought Tom Cruise as Ethan Hunt was the coolest guy EVER and wanted my future son to be just like him!<<<

<<<My daughter and I sing the hymn “Amazing Grace” almost every night before she goes to sleep>>>

>>>For my last pregnancy I waited to announce it until Christmas. I really wanted it to be a Christmas surprise that everyone always remembered. Thankfully It was VERY special, BUT keeping my pregnancy a secret was one of the most difficult things I ever had to do!<<<

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Faith, Family & Fun

Recently I paused my 9 year teaching career to stay home and take care of our darling new baby. Teaching was always a dream come true for me. Throughout the years I have taught many grade levels from preschool all the way to 6th grade. When I was teaching I felt very fulfilled. I truly felt called by God to serve my students and love them as He does. To me this was my ministry and I loved every minute of it. A few months after leaving my heart began yearning for God to lead me into a new direction of service. I prayed and prayed and felt only that I was to be patient and wait for His calling.

After some time something strange began to happen. I kept hearing about blogging! Everywhere I turned it was “blogging this” and “blogging that”. This is very odd as I do not remember ever hearing about blogging much before in my past. As doors began to open and ideas started flowing. I felt almost obsessed with what this could become and how it could be used to serve others. Soon I realized this was my answer to prayer!

My purpose for creating “DIY Faith Family Fun” is to reach the hearts of families. Families are in crisis today more than ever before in history. We all need help when it comes to building strong connections with the ones we love. I believe that having the love of Jesus in our hearts gives us supernatural power to love like we never thought possible.

Often times we make our journey of faith a tedious task neglecting to have fun with the ones we love. At DIY Faith Family Fun you will find FUN ways to bond with your family and with Jesus.

Here are a few things you will find at DIY Faith Family Fun

  • Fun family activities
  • Tips on how to bond with Teens, Tweens and Toddlers
  • Devotionals for your family
  • Prayer Guidance
  • Seasonal ideas
  • Reviews on products for your family
  • Courses, ebooks and printables

I hope you will join me on the road to building our families stronger through the love of Christ!

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