Christmas Prayer for Family that Can Bless Those You Love

Prayer is a powerful way to connect with God and strengthen our relationships with others.

Prayer is a direct line to God, and it can be used to ask for help with anything and everything.

It is helpful to have a quick list of topics and scripture written out for me beforehand.

Have a list of scripture to go along with it. Next, insert the names of the family or friend you are praying for.

Prayer for Husband Putting a hedge of prayer around your husband first is the first step in protecting your whole household.

PRAYER FOR DAUGHTER Our daughters will one day grow to be women. Having the knowledge of what she will face as she grows into a woman should give us an urgency to pray for her.

PRAYER FOR FAMILY AND FRIENDS Outside of our immediate family there is our extended family and friends who need prayer as well.  Prayer for healing is probably one of the most common requests shared when it comes to prayer.